Warranty & Return

  • Every pre-owed mobile phone sold by PhoneExchange comes with a three-months warranty effective from the date of purchase.
  • Warranty can be provided in one of the following ways, as PhoneExchange thinks appropriate considering all the circumstances of the case, (i) repair, (ii) exchange or (iii) full refund.
  • Before returning a phone for warranty, the customer must ensure that the phone has been factory reset. PhoneExchange may refuse to provide any warranty if the phone is locked in any manner.
  • PhoneExchange may refuse to provide any warranty if the phone that has been returned for warranty is physically damaged. Physical damage includes, but is not limited to, screen glass damage, LCD damage and water damage.
  • It is incumbent on a customer, not PhoneExchange, to thoroughly inspect the phone before purchase and to ensure that the phone is free from any physical damage including LCD damage.
  • PhoneExchange guarantees to Customer that all our pre-owned phones are genuine in a sense that all the core parts of a phone (motherboard, camera and RAM) are original and genuine. However, some replaceable parts of a phone, for example battery or LCD, may not be original.
  • Customer is not entitled to an automatic right to refund or exchange on the ground of change of mind. PhoneExchange will have full discretion as to whether or not it will allow refund or exchange after considering all the circumstances of the case.
  • Receipt must be provided at all times for either warranty or refund.
  • PhoneExchange does not guarantee about the water-proof functionality of any phone.
  • Every mobile phone that has been repaired by PhoneExchange at the request of a customer comes with a three-months warranty from the date of repair. However, the warranty is strictly limited to the specific part or module that had actually been repaired or replaced.
  • Customer has obligation to back up their personal data before coming in for repair. This is due to the fact that every repair job entails some degree of risk.
  • The phone may lose its water-proof functionality once it has been repaired.
  • You can also extand basic warranty to 1 year warranty if you select "Add device protection plan" on the product page(it cost $50). This warranty has the same condition with our basic 3 months warranty.